Sometimes I get tired of waiting to publish some projects, or even to get some things in my life. It’s been years for some of them, and it isn’t because I spend my life in bed and watch tv all day. There is a lot of work behind the scenes for some of these dreams. Some can’t just be built overnight.

But I’ve learned a few things while waiting and also when getting something I wanted.

1) Have a natural waiting.

No matter what you want, there is a healthy amount of time and work before anything happens. I think it is worth the wait if you are building a good foundation because it will probably lead to better long-term results. Just be very cautious to know when it is enough. Think of a baby; there is a frame of time to give birth.

2) Don’t get stuck in details.

I’m perfectionist + autodidact. With this combination, there is no limit for delays. As an autodidact, you can eat up the whole internet to learn more about how to improve anything you want or feel that you need to know, to take the next step.

Make a balance, don’t expect everything to be perfect or it will not see the light. I struggle with this a lot. Just move on! Release the one you have and improve the next one.

3) Work with what you have NOW. Don’t wait for that dream setup.

I’ve never stopped working with what I had from day one. Either a cell phone mic, my first $200 audio interface and more. Since then, I’ve have been building a basic setup (Microphones, preamp, etc.). Year after year, little by little, saving up money to get there.

Maybe I could have released more content in those early stages. And say maybe, because now that I’m about to release my first project, I feel good to have waited for this long. But it is something very personal; there are no formulas.

After all this process, I’m now more about working with the actual tools and let projects see the light quicker than before. Embrace who you are at the moment, don’t expect to be a master from the beginning.

4) Remember or question why it all started.

When I remember that I’m here in this world with the purpose to serve others, everything flows better.

I would have quit some dreams by now, but I’ve found a better way by living things in God. It seems crazy to trust someone who we don’t see, but I decided to do so, and projects are now less stressful and more meaningful. I’m not living in the past/future dreams, as people may say. I feel fulfilled now, so whatever comes, I will surely take it with care. The core is in good hands. From there on, details can be improved.

It doesn’t mean to “stop working or relax” but it does mean to work on something that is not entirely in my hands, and that makes my waiting and work valuable.

These are my two cents and why I want God to define most of my projects. Whether you believe in God or not, having a vision and purpose will help you a lot to be strong in those moments when you want to quit.

5) Make a balance in your life. Rest & Enjoy the ride.

Try to take the time to see the important things in life, what matter the most (family, health, friends, God, etc.). You can seek whatever you want, but if you lose the most important things in life, you will be frustrated at the end.

So, enjoy the ride! Get tired in the process, but make sure you have some time to rest. Appreciate every step you take.

6) Keep working hard, grow up & learn.

If I had released any music in 2009, I would have sought other things in life (fame, money, etc.). Now time has passed, and I’m happy with who I am, with what I have. Upcoming projects are born from a different heart. I’m not saying that I’m perfect now, I will eventually fail in some areas. But I feel more prepared than some years ago. So let God equip you for the right time and feel good about the process. Not matter what the result is, you will take it better than before.

So, keep working hard, feed that dream, baby or project. Someday it will see the light, reflecting all those efforts, and how much you have learned in the process. Always do your best. And if it lacks something that is out of your hands, do not stop. Every little effort will count.

7) Don’t let pride and fear shine.

Sometimes we are scared of what results will be, what people may thing about something we create. We tend to be more focused on those results, forgetting about why we decided to create the product in the first place and its original purpose.

If you are about to get something that you wanted, a project is about to see the light. Don’t let this bullies from the inside stop you, neither the ones out there. Even more, if there is a greater reason behind it.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts, experiences or more tips.