Some of you might be wondering why I created an English version of my website if most of what I do (vlogs, music, etc.) at the moment is in Spanish. It almost doesn’t make any sense. It is double the work! And I may not be able to translate everything.

But I think that there are some reasons.

I believe I may have something to share that needs to jump a language barrier.

Music. There is something special about music. You don’t always need to understand the lyrics to feel peace, excitement, or even a bit of sadness with a particular song.

Life. Sharing my experiences in English may help someone. I haven’t lived everything, but I have some stories to tell.

English is not something I have mastered yet.

When I was a kid, I had some classes for a couple of years. Then I went mostly to public schools, and while we did receive English classes, it was not something very polished nor constant.

Then while in high school, a good friend took his time for several months to teach me English. I can’t thank him enough for his time and patience. It was a blessing because I could not afford private classes. That process gave me the necessary confidence to apply for an English job. There I learn more and Internet has been a major part.

Even with all that, I still feel on a slippery slope, insecure about this mixed teaching sources and my lack of practice. I want to be vulnerable, let the pride down and accept that I still have a lot to learn.

Edit: Just after wrote my first 3 blogs, a friend started helping me as an editor to improve what I write and I’m learning a lot in the process. If you have any feedback or tips feel free to comment. We will be always glad to improve what we do.

This second language is there because of something!

Even if we think that what we have in our hands is not too much, or it isn´t ready to share with other, there are great things each one of us has, and we’ll only realize their impact until we use them. So without expecting much, I just want to use the tools that I think God let me have and apply them in a responsible way whenever I can and try to make them better day by day.

To all those people shy/scared to express in a new language. Don’t be afraid! Don’t fool yourself feeling less because you don’t know a second language very well. Be humble, make mistakes and let others correct you. Keep learning, get stuck when talking and if you don’t know a word, laugh and find another one. In the end, you are the one learning a new language. That is the extra mile and a gift.