You might be familiar with both, even if you don’t know the terms. Here is a small definition:

Blog (written articles):

A regularly updated website or web page that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Vlog (video segments):

A form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television.

Which one do I like the most?

I think vlogging is my favorite one (I have only done it in Spanish), because it covers a more creative part. From preparing stories to recording video/audio, then editing, colorization and more. It is complex, but I feel I can connect better with people. People can tell a bit better and faster what I do, who I am, etc. At least the kind of vlogging that I want to do is more improvised and genuine. Less scripted, and not so well-thought-out as a blog.

So, Why blogging?

Because I may vlog mostly in Spanish. And while I hope to add subtitles in English, it may not always happen as soon as I want. Blogging gives me the chance to give more updates in English and allows some time to think better about the things that I want to share, where I can feel more careful about it. I´m not saying that vlogs will not be like that, but there is something about writing that makes you think more about every phrase and advice you give.

Also, blogging can work better sometimes if I’m at a place with a limited Internet connection, very little time, or lacking of a camera. I could still blog and share some news.

For now, I’m starting with both! Writing blogs in English is a challenge for me, as you can read in “Why an English Website?” but there you can also read why I want to do so.

As soon as I do more vlogs & blogs, let me know what you prefer and why. Also if you have any suggestion, please comment below!